Professional abdominal training for all with the ABDOQUAD ®

The ABDOQUAD ® is the recent development of the widely used AB-wheel.

What is the Problem of the AB-wheel?

The AB-wheel is popular in sports, because it can be used to train abdominal and torso muscles very effectively. It is a small device that you can use at home, too.   However, it has two disadvantages, because the abdominal tension increases enormously towards the end of the forward roll movement:

On the other hand, hardcore bodybuilders and fitnesstrainers like the AB-wheel - exactly because of its training intensity.

How does the ABDOQUAD ® solve this Problem?

Several devices try to get the risk of injury under control: some use springs or rubber bands, some have a brake, others stop against a wall. Although all these measures relieve the abdominal muscles, unfortunately the unhealthy pressure on the spine remains, which itself has no training effect.

Therefore we do not use them!

Instead, the ABDOQUAD ® uses armrests:

When you drop your lower arms on the armrests, the tension arch is simply shortened, so that the pressure in your back is reduced immediately. This does not exert any unnecessary pressure on the vertebral column.

Moreover, with the armrests we have further divided the training range between too easy and too advanced training. For every training condition, there is a suitable training intensity. Through the possibility to drop the arms - or even during the exercises lifting them and dropping them back again - new levels are created within the whole force range for the training of abdominal and trunk musculature.

These different levels are essential. In particular, in exercises with a stretched body (that is to say, a great force), training progress is possible only through a gradual increase in the force. The resulting advantages are:

Safer training:
  • The ABDOQUAD ® makes the AB-wheel technology easier for beginners
  • Advanced bodybuilders can safely work harder
More effective training:
  • Additional exercise levels, which are not possible with the AB wheel; exercises of multiple devices are merged
More comfortable training:
  • Ball bearing fixed wheels give secure hold ("guided" movement)

Where do the advantages of the ABDOQUAD ® come from?

The central point is that, when using the arm supports, the elbow must be alternately stretched and angled. This is possible only with oblique handles, because the handle axis of the hand is not parallel to the axis of rotation of the elbow. The advantages of the ABDOQUAD ® over the known devices arise from this combination of inclined handles with underarm supports.

  • Armrests reduce the risk of injury

  • Angled handles   relieve the wrists

  • Armrests & oblique handles enable new training levels

The ABDOQUAD ® is patented in Europe.


Download the exercises  (Download)

 The name ABDOQUAD ® is composed of abdomen = trunk and quad = four wheeled.

Last updated: 16.04.2017